9 Ways to be More Active at Work

As our society becomes more and more sedentary, our work quickly follows suit. More and more jobs are less physically demanding, and more mentally challenging. This means more time sitting at a desk, hunched over a computer. While those desk jobs are great things (they bring us great websites like this one here), the workers tend to have a hard time finding ways to be active when they are required to be at a desk for so long. In this post we will go over some ideas for people in sedentary jobs to be more active.

  1. Take the Stairs

    This simple swap can get you more activity and leg strength. Now, if you live or work in a high rise with 42 floors, this may prove to be a little bit more difficult. But if the building has too many floors to reasonably walk, maybe take the stairs a few flights up, and head to the elevator on that floor

  2. Get a Stability Ball Chair

    Using a ball as a chair forces you to engage your core to keep you upright. There are several different options, whether you simply use a ball at the desk, or have a ball stand. These are available on Amazon with back support
    and without back support.

  3. Get a Standing Desk

    For a level up from the stability ball, go for a standing desk. Standing is better than sitting in keeping your muscles engaged, and it feels surprisingly good to stand and do some work. Amazon sells standing desk converter so that you don’t have to get a whole new desk to enjoy the standing desk. If you want to take it to the next level, you can get a walking desk, but those tend to be quite a bit pricier.

  4. Bike While You Work

    Though they sell contraptions like the treadmill desk above to make bike desks, a less intrusive and more economical option is available. There are small, foot only bikes that fit under your desk, so you can pedal away while you whip out those expense reports. These can also be found on Amazon.

  5. Go For a Walk

    On your lunch break, or any other time you have a break , consider going for a walk. Whether it be around the block, or around the building, getting some activity in can relieve stress and help you be a more effective worker.

  6. Take a 1 minute exercise break

    One lady that I had as a client was trying to get more active at her desk job, and every hour, her and one of her friends would do a one- minute plank. I thought this was a great idea to get moving. Doing a one minute plank, or wall sit, or one of the other exercises from this list.

  7. Start a Competition with Your Colleagues

    People tend to be motivated by competition for a lot of things, and that is true for fitness as well. You could start a competition with smart watches like fitbits to see who can get the most steps in a week. If you work in a large company, maybe you could start some kind of intramural team. Participating in fun team sports can even improve camaraderie and work flow.

  8. Park Farther Away

    A simple way to get in a few more steps and a little bit more activity is to park farther away in the parking lot. You may even be less stressed because you won’t have to spend as much time searching for the closest spot, and no one is likely to steal the spot you were going for if you’re in the back of the lot.

  9. Schedule Your Exercise like an Appointment

    Many people’s excuse for not exercising is not having enough time. I would venture to say that most people simply don’t make time. If we view our exercise as an appointment (or even scheduling with a personal trainer or workout buddy) we are more likely to follow through. Think of it this way, the more times you keep your exercising appointment, the less doctors appointments you’ll have to make later on.

I hope these ideas get you moving more at work! Thanks for reading!







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