Keeping Hydrated

It has been said that if you feel thirsty, you have already lost 2% of your body weight due to lack of water. While that percentage is frequently debated, there is no denying the importance of hydration. I laid out some great why’s in my last article Hydration and You, and today I am going to give you some how’s on staying hydrated.

  • Always Keep a Water Bottle Nearby

    If it is there you will drink it (just like if there is an open bag of Cheetos in front of you, you will eat them. But that is a story for another post.)water-bottle Just having a water bottle on your desk while you work or in your backpack on your way to class will cause you to see it and drink more of it.


  • Drink Water When You First Wake Up

    Night is a prime time for dehydration. You spend (hopefully) eight hours laying there and breathing. In that time you lose a lot of moisture from your body through respiration. Drinking a big glass of water is an easy way to replenish that. I had a teacher in high school that drank water in his shower every morning to get in his morning hydration (Hey, if you’re cool with tap water, you’re cool with shower water!).

  • Make a Hydration Goal

    This is a cool trick that has been on Pinterest for a while! waterbottlemarkedwithtime5Make a water bottle with times labeled on it for when you want to have drank that much water. I once did this with a gallon at an all-day volleyball tournament, but that may be overkill for the average day. There is a website called Motivation Bottle that has some good reviews and already has the times printed on the side, if you are not the crafty type.

  • Check Out Your Pee

    Just a quick glance after you relieve yourself (or while you’re relieving yourself, for my male readers) will give you a clue as to whether or not you need more water. If it is completely clear, you may need to take the hydration down a notch. Dark yellow means you need do get some fluids! Here is a great chart from the Cleveland Clinic on urine color and what it means for your health.

If you have any more great ideas, please share them in the comments!

Have a great day and stay hydrated!

God Bless




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