A Strong Center: Reasons to Strengthen the Core

What person over the age of 15 hasn’t experienced back pain? It seems unavoidable
whether you lift boxes or sit at a desk all day. It can really take you out for the count, but one of the main causes of back pain is easily solvable.

Today we are going to be talking about the importance of training your core. Yesthe ever-desired, and ever-elusive 6-pack. But the core musculature is so much more than just rock hard abs and aesthetics

First, let’s talk about what your core does. Your core is instrumental in keeping you upright. Whether you are walking, running, lifting, or just trying to sit up straight, your core is used. A study from the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research says that strengthening the core musculature improves lower back and lower limb endurance, flexibility, and balance.

Strengthening the core can reduce back pain by improving the endurance of your back muscles. The deeper muscles of the core (like the transverse abdominus) serve to support your spine; the stronger your abdominal muscles are, the more your spine is supported.

The abdominal muscles serve to assist nearly all functional movement, so increasing your core strength can increase your ability in other areas, like balance, strength, and endurance. One easy way to get a little bit stronger of a core without a lot of work is getting a Pilates ball to sit on at work instead of a chair. I talked about that in my post “9 Ways to be More Active at Work.”

The last, most obvious benefit to strengthening your core is that you will look thinner. But remember that the benefits extend far beyond your looks!

Be on the lookout soon for a workout video from me that will help you strengthen your core!

Thanks so much for reading!

God bless.







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