10 Minute Stretching!

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Last week we learned some great reasons to train your flexibility in the post Staying Bendy: Benefits of Flexibility . This week, we are going to put that into practice!

Check out my YouTube video here to follow along, or if you want to do it without the video, I’ll post the moves down below!

Now, the most effective way to increase flexibility is to do 20-30 second stretches 2-3 times. If you really want to increase your flexibility, you can do the static (not moving) stretches a few times, but for the sake of time they are only done once. Be ready for a 30 minute stretching video coming up where we will spend more time working in each stretch.

Remember, stretching cold muscles is dangerous and can result in injury. The routine has a little bit of warming up in it, but if you are feeling particularly tight, I recommend walking around for a couple of minutes or doing a few jumping jacks!

1 Minute Arm Spirals- These warm up the shoulders and open the chest. When doing these think of it like following the line of a spiral with your arms, changing size and direction accordingly.

spiral pictureScreenshot 2016-03-03 at 2.38.49 PM

1 Minute Over/Under- These open up your hips and warm up your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Imagine going over and under hurdles for this.

Screenshot 2016-03-03 at 3.04.56 PMScreenshot 2016-03-03 at 2.39.51 PM

1 Minute Windmills

Screenshot 2016-03-03 at 2.42.08 PMScreenshot 2016-03-03 at 2.42.19 PM

1 Minute Apple Pickers- For these you will feel a stretch throughout your obliques. As you add in the squat, you will also warm up your legs and butt

Screenshot 2016-03-03 at 2.43.09 PMScreenshot 2016-03-03 at 2.43.33 PMScreenshot 2016-03-03 at 2.42.48 PM

30 Seconds Each Side Baseball Stretch- You will feel this on the inside of your leg. Feel free to do it whichever way feels best for you. The variation on the right provides a deeper stretch.

Screenshot 2016-03-03 at 2.44.32 PMScreenshot 2016-03-03 at 2.44.49 PM

30 Seconds Each Side Neck Pull- For the first 15 seconds on each side, pull your ear towards your shoulder, then pull your nose toward your armpit. This will stretch different parts of your neck.

Screenshot 2016-03-03 at 2.45.11 PMScreenshot 2016-03-03 at 2.45.42 PM

30 Seconds Each Side Seated Spine Twist- Looking over your back shoulder will increase this stretch.

Screenshot 2016-03-03 at 2.46.31 PM

30 Seconds Chest Stretch

Screenshot 2016-03-03 at 2.47.11 PM

30 Seconds Child Pose- Relieves some tension in your back, and is a great posture for relaxation.

Screenshot 2016-03-03 at 2.47.21 PM


Quick Read Version

1 Minute Each- Arm Spirals, Over/ Under, Windmills, Apple Pickers

30 Seconds Each- Baseball Stretch (each side), Neck Pull (each side), Seated Spinal Twist (each side), Chest Stretch, Child’s Pose


Thanks so much for joining me! Come back next week for an expository on the benefits of corporate wellness programs.

God bless.


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