Ditching the Traditional Breakfast

Pancakes, cinnamon rolls, hash browns, bacon, eggs: all of these things fall into the category of breakfast foods. But what makes a breakfast food a breakfast food?

When did pastries and sugar bomb cereals become the best way to start our days?

When we think of healthy foods for other parts of the day much more comes to mind. muffin-824127_640.jpgThere’s stuff like whole grains, veggies, and lean protein. My question is this: why can’t we take what we know about healthy eating at other times of the day and apply is to breakfast?

We do not have to have traditional breakfast foods for breakfast! This thought kind of surprised me when I first heard it. But it really opens up options for us to eat healthy. You could
have a big salad (hey, you could still mix in some eggs or berries if the whole “eating a salad for breakfast” thing is still weird to you), leftovers (stuff like chili or soup can do wonders to warm you up on a winter morning), or sauteed veggies and rice!

I just began putting this into practice a few weeks  ago and I have loved it. You feel so energizedgreen-166455_640 when you actually have some good-quality nutrients in you first thing in the morning (the benefits of a good quality breakfast will be covered later).

It may be easier for many people to grab a doughnut on the way to work than to prepare something but is the few minutes you spare really worth your health? Besides, it really doesn’t have to be that hard! I have this great little rice cooker that basically works like a toaster for rice. Just put in the rice, put in twice as much water, hit a button, and walk away. This one also comes with a little steamer basket so you could steam veggies and chicken at the same time. I also love the delay start option so you can put everything in at night before you go to bed and have it ready for you in the morning.

They also have bigger versions of that same rice cooker available. This would be great if you have a large family that has all jumped on your non-traditional breakfast train, or you just want to cook for the whole week and put it into Tupperware.

Eggs are a great option, but can be time consuming to make and they can get old after a while (though it takes a lot to make me get tired of boiled eggs). So don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try a cabbage salad or leftover chili for breakfast sometime.

Comment below some more ideas for a non-traditional breakfast! Send in pictures of your non-traditional breakfasts to kdmick.fitness@gmail.com or tag us on Facebook or Instagram.

Thanks so much for reading!

God bless.


Pictures provided by Pixabay


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