How to Stay On Track On Vacation

Alrighty. So glad to be back posting again! It’s been a busy couple of months with graduating, moving, and finding a job, but I am back at it! First of all, quick life update: I got a job as a personal trainer with 24 Hour Fitness and I could not be more excited to start! 2nd bit of information, my husband and I moved to Maui! No joke. Why you may ask? (As most people do.) Because we are young, we don’t have a house, we don’t have kids, and we can see sea turtles on the regular. Though we are not on vacation, being in such a popular tourist destination inspired me to write on some helpful tips for staying active when you vacation and come train with me in Kahului. ūüėČ

1. Plan Active Activities

We had an awesome, muddy hike in the Wailea Canyon on Kauai.

There are so many things to go and do and see on vacation. Why not plan some active activities? There are awesome hikes, bike tours, and walking tours all over. You can use All Trails or Every Trail to find hikes or bike rides where you are wanting to go. You can also schedule fun events like 5k races or a golf tournament while you are on vacation. is a great place to find events of that nature. If

My sister-in-law and me getting ready to go rock climbing near Lake Tahoe. (P.S. She is a fabulous photographer, check out her website!)

you want to take it one step further on the adventure spectrum, you can look into REI‘s hiking and trekking trips. These trips involve things like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro¬†and and hiking coast to coast in Ireland. These trips sound fabulous, but are not for the faint of heart.

2. Don’t Treat Every Meal Like¬†it’s Your Last

I am a big foodie. So I love the opportunity to eat out. On vacation we tend to eat out a little (ok a lot!) more than usual. But every dining out experience does not have to be 100% indulgence. Try to go for something lighter like a salad some of the time. While there is definitely a time to indulge in fried chicken with a side of mashed potatoes and mac and cheese (yum) that most assuredly is not every night. Be conscious of when you want to indulge.

3. Schedule Time to Workout

If you schedule time in your day to workout, you may find that you will actually keep it. For me, it is almost a must on every vacation. I am an introvert, so getting that time alone is great for me to recharge before a full day (or after, but I am also a morning person). If you are an extrovert, invite your travel companions to join you and you can inspire them to be healthier too!

4. Cook for Yourself

IMG_20160719_180717620This goes along with number 2. Cooking for yourself is a great way to control the healthiness of what it is you are eating. Try to find a place to stay that has some sort of kitchen resources, and do a little grocery shopping while you are there. You could even pick one or two meals that you aren’t going to eat out the whole time, and pick healthy options for those (like oatmeal, or a salad). You can prepare healthy snacks this way too so you’re not desperately looking for a McDonald’s so you can get some fries to curb your hunger. The other great thing about cooking some for yourself is you can save massive amounts of money, so you can afford to go on another vacation.

5. Don’t Over Indulge on the Bottomless Mai-Tais

Again, similar to 2 and 4, but curb the alcohol intake. It’s easy to drink a little bit more than you should a little more often than you should (especially at all inclusive resorts). But that is a lot of calories to be taking in. You can read more about the effects of alcohol in my post Alcohol and the Body. And sometimes you should indulge in a drink or two, but don’t wait for the bar tender to cut you off every night.

6. Stay Hydrated

In the rush to go and do on vacation I often forget to drink enough water. It’s just not something I think of when I am getting ready to go zip lining or tour a museum, but that leaves me desperately searching for water later in the day. Just carry a water bottle around with you (and remember to drink it) and you can stay hydrated all day. You can read more about the importance of staying hydrated in my post Hydration and You.

7. Walk Instead of Uber

If you are going on vacation to somewhere with nearby attractions, try walking places instead of taking a cab. This is especially good if you are traveling to a city. You can travel by foot to a restaurant or attraction. Heck, if you go to a big enough city, you may not even need to rent a car. You’ll really get those steps to add up on your Fitbit!

8. Find a Hotel with Resources

Attempting some yoga in Kona. I fell very shortly after this.

Lots of hotels offer fitness centers or pools that you could work out in. This is a great, easy way to workout and not have it cut into your day. Many hotels also offer fitness classes like yoga or boot camp classes. If you find a hotel that offers fun ways to stay fit, it’s easier to stay on track.

9. Remember That Little Efforts Add Up

Just like in most things in fitness, the little efforts add up. Whether its taking the stairs to your hotel room, ordering steamed broccoli as a side instead of fries, or spending some time walking on the beach, those small changes can keep you on track and keep you feeling good. has a great article on how to stay active on different types of vacations (visiting family, city, road trip, etc.). Check it out!


Thanks so much for reading. I hope you find yourself needing to use these tips on an upcoming vacation!

God bless.




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