Pokemon and Your Fitness

Ok, so I’m not much of a gamer, but Pokemon has really taken the world by storm. From little kids, to grandmas, to young adults in the professional world, everyone has at least heard of it if not played it. But how can we use it for both fun and fitness? Let’s take a look at some ways to multitask while pokemoning.

1. You Have to Move Around in the Real World

In order to find the pokemon, you have to move around outside. You also have to go to physical places to pick up items like pokeballs, potions, and the like. The more places you go, the more pokemon you will find. The app even shows you what is nearby. It is a great way to add just a little bit more activity into your day by going and finding the pokemon.

2. You Have to Hatch the Eggs

Now here is where the real activity comes in. You can also pick up eggs at the pokestops. In pokemon-go-egg-hatch-notification-700x387.jpg.optimalorder to hatch the eggs, you’ve got to move, but you can’t move over 20 miles per hours. This eliminates most car travel, but you could go for a run, a bike ride, or a walk. The eggs come in 2 kilometer, 5 kilometer, and 10 kilometer varieties. So having just one kilometer left on that 10k egg can be a great inspiration to get out and get moving.

3. It’s a Pretty Cheap Gym Membership

My husband and I tend to be very frugal in most things, especially our phone plan. But it uses a relitively small amount of data. And if that game is a motivation to get up and get moving, it is worth it. You are (most likely) already paying for the data on your phone anyways, so why not feel good about spending that as a dual purpose investment.

4. It Reaches a Different Audience

My husband is a nerd. Its great. He’s introduced me to a whole new culture that I would

My husband and his pals playing an X-Men game from 1992.

have never known about otherwise. But, one common disadvantage to being really invested in movies, games, and books is that none of those hobbies require you to move. The great thing about pokemon is that it takes a usually inactive group of people and helps them get active doing one of the things that they love, gaming! I think it is really important to find ways to be active that you enjoy, and this augmented reality game is allowing more people to find active activities that they enjoy. Another app that I have heard great things about in this respect is Zombies, Run! It gives you missions through your headphones to survive the zombie apocolypse while you run. Check it out!

So there you go. I hope I have inspired you to download the app and go catch some pikachus.

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God bless.


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