Dealing with Setbacks

I don’t know about you guys, but I sometimes have a hard time accomplishing what I set my mind to. I almost titled this post “Dealing with Failure,” but I want to encourage you to think of your “failures” as only setbacks to your overall goals, not an end. Reading through a year long devotional, practicing a new language every day, heck, even just keeping up on house work. I generally feel like if I fall behind in these areas I have to work extra hard to get back up to where I was supposed to be. Then the extra work seems insurmountable and I kind of give up for a while. Then I realize that whatever it is I’m working on really is important to me so I get really gung-ho and work really hard every day… until I miss a day. Ad infinitum.

This whole cycle can be very discouraging. Especially when it comes to fitness. You may be doing really well working out every day, only to go on vacation and take a break and find that coming back is almost as hard as starting over. But I want to encourage you to just take that step to begin again. There is no shame in having to take it a little slower than you were before. The important thing is that you are doing the work to reach your goals.

You may give into a craving. By itself, not a big deal. We should indulge on occasion. But the issue lies in when you let your past decisions affect your current decisions for success. Don’t give up on your goal entirely because you let up in one area. That’s how a cheat meal turns into a cheat day and a cheat week. Our lives are a culmination of the decisions that we have made, so don’t let one slip up pull you all the way back to square one.

If you are getting back on the proverbial horse after a time of goal avoidance,  it’s also important that you get back into it at a manageable pace. Just because you didn’t stick with it perfectly doesn’t mean you need to torment yourself with a breakneck pace. This is not sustainable, and in the long run it will be more detrimental to your goals. Set something you can keep. If that means 5 minutes a day of exercise, start there. If you immediately go into an hour and a half of working out a day, you’ll get burnt out really quickly. But if you work to build the habit you’ll be more consistent over time and you’ll eventually reach those goals, even if they are far off.

Don’t let thoughts like “What if I don’t finish?” keep you from starting. So take one step today to accomplish your fitness goals (or any other goals for that matter!)

God bless.


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